Wednesday, June 25, 2014


We are writing manuals for all the responsibilities at MPS.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

New ideas

We are going to write the instructions for the recycling jobs

  • We have sorted which class we will visit as their Kaitiaki
  • We are going to share a environmental book to our classes
  • We are going to plan to do a another mural to make our school a welcome place

And here are the people with their Kaitiaki classes!

  • Room1 Rory, Hana, Tuamafa
  • Room2 Anna ,Alisha, Jordyn
  • Room3 Janelle ,Bailey
  • Room4 Aaliyah ,Madeline
  • Room8 Logan,Jacky
  • Room9 Janelle, Madeline
  • Room10 Cassidy, Jordyn,Hana
  • Room11 Daniel, Rory, Cassidy
  • Room12 Anna, Jaime-lee, Aaliyah
  • Room13 Jaime-lee, Alisha, Alyssa
  • Room14 Tuamafa, Logan
  • Room7 Jacky, Alyssa ,Bailey

Jobs for school.

  • Paper bins- Aaliyah, Madeline
  • Fruit-Tuamafa-Jordyn
  • Scraps and composting-Janelle
  • Milk-Daniel,Jordyn
  • Fitness gear-Jacky
  • Sian the artist-Anna, Jaime-lee,Alisha 

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Kaitiaki 2014

Today we selected our Kaitiaki for 2014. The following people are our Kaitiaki Team

  • Alisha Walczak
  •  Hana Pakai
  • Cassidy Hemopo
  • Jaime-lee Buddell
  • Jordyn Matthews
  • Anna Dai
  • Madeline Wilkie
  • Janelle Hargood-Connor
  • Logan Aitken
  • Rory Allanson
  • Tuamafa Tofa
  • Alyssa-Annie Mende
  • Jacky Dai
  • Aaliyah Savaliga
  • Bailey Fenwick
  • Daniel McGregor

Monday, October 28, 2013

Measuring up our plywood

The Kaitiaki group started measuring the plywood that we bought from Mitre 10 Mega. We took turns taking photos of the Kaitiaki measuring the plywood that cost $127.65. We had to make lots of pads to sell to raise money for the plywoods. The pads were made out of recycled paper. We will sell them for $3.00 each. We used old magazines and felts to decorate the pad covers.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

St Patricks visit

Today Masterton Primary Schools kaitiaki group went to St Patricks school and had a look at their murals. Their murals  had heaps of bright colours the murals were to do with:

1.    St Patricks day with the four leaf clover and lepricorn  hat.

2.    They had the symbol of learning.

3.    There was a mural with some of the world’s flags.

4.    There was another mural with the candle of life on it.

5.    There was a mural with Maui and the sun.

6.    We saw some butterfly murals on their gardening shed.

7.    We saw some bugs and fruit on the side of their gardens.

8.    We also saw a New Zealand painting on the ground.


The paint got donated to the school. These are some of the materials

We could use.

1. Plywood

2.House paint

3.Marine varnish


The teacher who had shown us around was Liz.

The ideas we think would be most useful for our bell tower are to show there are lots of cultures.

The kaitiaki group trip to Dauglas park school

On Tuesday 6th August the design group from the kaitiaki went to Dauglas park school.

We went to D.P.S to find some ideas for the M.P.S bell tower mural designs.

Here are

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Project bell tower

Project Description

Our special Bell tower is being fixed by some lovely men at the men’s shed. It is being fixed because the wood is rotting and soon in will fall.
It is being fixed before team 4.The cost will be around $1000-$3000 dollars. The Kaitiaki have been asked to-create a mural for the bell tower. The kaitiaki will have to fundraise for the paint and decorations. The bell tower will be placed back in the original place where it has always been. We are going to have a Design, funding, logistics and report/history teams.