Wednesday, September 18, 2013

St Patricks visit

Today Masterton Primary Schools kaitiaki group went to St Patricks school and had a look at their murals. Their murals  had heaps of bright colours the murals were to do with:

1.    St Patricks day with the four leaf clover and lepricorn  hat.

2.    They had the symbol of learning.

3.    There was a mural with some of the world’s flags.

4.    There was another mural with the candle of life on it.

5.    There was a mural with Maui and the sun.

6.    We saw some butterfly murals on their gardening shed.

7.    We saw some bugs and fruit on the side of their gardens.

8.    We also saw a New Zealand painting on the ground.


The paint got donated to the school. These are some of the materials

We could use.

1. Plywood

2.House paint

3.Marine varnish


The teacher who had shown us around was Liz.

The ideas we think would be most useful for our bell tower are to show there are lots of cultures.

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