Wednesday, June 4, 2014

New ideas

We are going to write the instructions for the recycling jobs

  • We have sorted which class we will visit as their Kaitiaki
  • We are going to share a environmental book to our classes
  • We are going to plan to do a another mural to make our school a welcome place

And here are the people with their Kaitiaki classes!

  • Room1 Rory, Hana, Tuamafa
  • Room2 Anna ,Alisha, Jordyn
  • Room3 Janelle ,Bailey
  • Room4 Aaliyah ,Madeline
  • Room8 Logan,Jacky
  • Room9 Janelle, Madeline
  • Room10 Cassidy, Jordyn,Hana
  • Room11 Daniel, Rory, Cassidy
  • Room12 Anna, Jaime-lee, Aaliyah
  • Room13 Jaime-lee, Alisha, Alyssa
  • Room14 Tuamafa, Logan
  • Room7 Jacky, Alyssa ,Bailey

Jobs for school.

  • Paper bins- Aaliyah, Madeline
  • Fruit-Tuamafa-Jordyn
  • Scraps and composting-Janelle
  • Milk-Daniel,Jordyn
  • Fitness gear-Jacky
  • Sian the artist-Anna, Jaime-lee,Alisha 

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