Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Masterton Primary School Kaitiaki Group

Our job as Kaitiaki is to be guardians of the school environment and you can be one too.


This involves always keeping the environment at the front of your mind plus helping the school to keep the environment at the front of their minds.


The main Kaitiaki Group at MPS are:

Anna, Alisha, Janaya, Jamie-Lee, Cole, Corbin, Shanti, Carleigh, Benny, Latham, Nikita and Te Ana and Karyn and Mrs Feringa.



Some ideas we already have are:


Make a story to perform to show what life would be like if we didn’t have all the elements of the natural  world that the atua represent

– changing the “In the beginning” story to be about if we didn’t have… Tangaroa etc.


Looking at  E.O.T.C week in terms of the natural elements shown in Atua.

Look back at last years ideas


  1. to kaitiaki group you an awesome group and i will miss you guys see you later
    By Benny

  2. great blog i really like all the stuff you added
    By Alisha